prime candidate
Elene Campbell - I started in the video game industry at in 1995 at Interplay Productions working as an Art Department Administrator. I did everything from recruiting artists for the department to putting together Art classes on site to help keep the artist's skills sharp. As the Research and Development Department expanded to 250 developers, I was given the job of R&D Administrator. At this position, I expanded my recruiting efforts to Programmers and Designers as well as Artist and I also took on all the Human Resources responsibilities of R&D. Shortly thereafter I was promoted to the position of Human Resource Director. I stayed at Interplay until 2002 when I was offered the opportunity to help run a smaller studio as Vice President of Operations. At my new position I was responsible for hiring over 250 employees throughout the years and I am proud to say I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented Artists, Programmers and Designers in the industry. I am very excited for the opportunity that I now have with Prime Candidate to use my skills as a recruiter in a more focused capacity. I believe I bring a unique perspective to recruiting as I have been the "last word" in the hiring process and understand the needs of a development studio. My philosophy has always been to hire people that are a good fit not only within the skillset that is required but also a good fit in personality as well. Each developer has their own vibe and not everyone can work in those individual environments. The employee needs to be happy there too. Everyone should be lucky enough to get to go to work each day at a place they love and be working with all of their friends and making new friends. That to me is the definition of a "Dream Job".