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Resume Wrongs:
I have been doing recruiting and employment counseling for many years. I have seen a great many "boo boo's" on resumes and I would like to share some of these with you. Some might seem simple and stupid to you but believe me when I tell you, I see these mistakes all the time. From top level executives to the new graduates, everyone makes mistakes that are easily fixed.

  1. Mistakes in spelling, grammar and syntax - please, please use the spell-check on your computers. Don't rush thru the process. Pay attention to the context of the sentence and ask someone to proofread your work. Mistakes on your resume are the "kiss of death" in a job search and easily avoided. This is your story and you only have one chance to tell it.
  2. Busy or sloppy layout and design can also be damaging to your resume. Keep the style clean and easy to read. Don't use fancy fonts or too many bullets. Please omit decorative borders, sayings and no personal photos, please. Avoid using a darker background. Many companies still copy the resumes to hand out to their managers. Make it easy for everyone to read. KIS - Keep it simple.
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Resume Wrongs
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