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Tips for Job Hunting:
As the new year is now upon us, we at Prime Candidate, Inc. would like to offer you some "Tips" on Job Hunting etc. We hope you'll find this column helpful and would appreciate your comments. Feel free to contact me at

For anyone making a new beginning, whether a new neighborhood, at a new school or at a new job, making a lasting impression is essential. Paying attention to details is important, no matter how minor they might seem.

When candidates are preparing for that all-important first meeting, looking neat and pressed becomes a top priority. It's vital to look your best when you apply for a job. You'd be surprised at some of the reasons people have lost jobs - many of which are caused by non-grooming. First impressions are vital. You might only have one chance to impress that hiring manager and you have to be prepared.
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Tips for Job Hunting
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