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Reasons for Not Getting the Job:
There are many reasons why a candidate might not receive the "job of their dreams". It's always amazing to me what really happens in the job interview and what a candidate might "perceive" to have happened. Having recently read an article by George Gurney in the Daily News, I totally agree with his comments and would like to discuss some of them in this update. Mr. Gurney offers 15 reasons for not getting the job offer. His reasons are listed below with my comments added.

  1. Sloppy application, questions not answered (or misspelled) or left blank. An Employer can get a very good idea of the type of person you are from this application. Don't rush to finish it - double check your information and be sure to answer all the questions.
  2. Arrived late to the interview without an explanation. Or an apology. Manners are so important in these circumstances.
  3. Did not do homework or research the company. I don't understand how anyone could possibly go into an interview without knowing everything, and I mean everything they can find out about the company. Go to the website, play the games the company has published, ask questions of the recruiter and/or your friends. Prepare a list of questions about the company to discuss with the interviewer. It's vital to show your interest in the company. Be prepared.
Reasons for Not Getting the Job
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