prime candidate
3. Don't inject humor or casual commentary into your resume. People view thousands of resumes and they need to see the important parts. Some managers will throw resumes out if they are too difficult to read and too cumbersome to get through. Use language the reader can understand. Try to keep the resume to 1 or 2 pages.
4. Please don't include your salary history on the resume. Salary should be discussed in person and give references only when asked for them. Your recruiter might ask for them in the beginning of your contact as they might choose to do their own reference check.
5. Please make sure you check the work history to assure there aren't any gaps in time. If you have some, I suggest you add consulting information or course work you might have completed. Make sure the dates correspond with the information listed.
6. Don't over kill on the resume. Too much information can be as bad as not enough and Don't lie on the resume.

If you are having a problem writing a resume that feels right or works, don't be afraid to reach out to a Professional Resume Writer. This is your most valuable tool and it needs to look and feel good.
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