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When a Recruiter Calls, what should I do?

Basic Rules to Follow:

  1. Never Hang Up – no matter how happy you are with your current position, always listen to what the opportunity might be. You never know what this person is going to tell you and a good recruiter has done their homework about you and the position. It might be a very exciting opportunity – one that you might not have a chance at some other time.

    Also, by taking the calls, you will establish a relationship with someone who watches for other opportunities and you can continue to network with this recruiter for future possibilities. Other calls could lead to the perfect job opportunity in the future.
  2. Always Answer all the Questions Asked – Don’t be afraid to talk with the recruiter. Answer the questions asked as completely as possible. These answers allow the recruiter to understand your needs and desires. If you are concerned about the questions and feel they are too intrusive, tell the recruiter what you would prefer but give them enough information to help them help you.
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