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Don't be Closed Minded if you want to move forward with your Job Path

I have been working as a recruiter for 10 years now and I have heard every excuse in the book as to why someone won't look at other opportunities:

My wife doesn't want to move
I am happy with my current job
I don't want to move my kids from their current schools
I don't like that part of the country
and so forth will you ever move your career forward if you don't remain "OPEN MINDED" when it comes to your job?

"I'm Not Looking" - I just joined the company I have a relocation payback if I move. Gee, did you ever think that perhaps the new company would help pay the relocation money back if they really wanted you?

or....we're still in boxes and I couldn't uproot the family again. You should always be curious about what's out there and how it might better you and your family. Agreements and early commitments can be fixed if the opportunity is right.

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