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Prime Candidate, Inc. continues to grow and evolve. For the past 6 years, we have been an active participant in the Digital, Mobile, Online and Social markets. We continue to work in our traditional markets but have fully developed our database to include all aspects of the industry.

Below are the types of positions we continue to recruit for. Please keep in mind, this is only a general list of the types of positions we recruit for due to the fact that at Prime Candidate, Inc. we bring in several new positions and fill new positions daily. For a more detailed and up to date list of positions that are available and if you have any questions, please contact us today.


  • Responsible for all corporate functions including finance, legal, operations, sales and marketing.
    • President
    • CEO
    • GM
    • COO - Complete responsibility for all operating areas
  • Responsible for all aspects within the Sales, Marketing and Business Development arena's.
    • SVP - Sales
    • SVP - Marketing
    • SVP - Business Development
    • VP - Sales
      Director - Sales
      Regional Sales Manager
    • VP - Marketing
      Director - Marketing
      Product and Brand Manager
    • VP - Business Development
      Director - Business Development
    • PR - VP, Director, Manager
    • Licensing - VP, Director, Manager
  • Legal and Accounting
  • Strategy/Analyst
  • HR


  • Studio Head - Responsible for running all areas of the Studio.
  • Executive Producer, Senior Producer, Producer
  • Creative - VP, Director
  • Art - VP, Director and all areas and levels of art
  • Design - VP, Director and all areas and levels of design
  • QA - VP, Director, Manager
  • CTO, VP of Technology and all types and levels of Programmers


  • Web Developers
  • E Commerce
  • UI Designers
  • DBA
  • Monetization positions
  • Software Developers
  • Graphic Developers
  • Flash Developers

Call or email us and we'll start you immediately down the road to success. All conversations will be kept totally confidential and all submissions to us will not be released without your approval.

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