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Big Kind Games is able to help create content, find creative ways to monetize, and find talent on demand. We also manage projects and help bring them to market.

We are working towards the next generation of game development, in a "GREEN" sense.   

Prime Candidate, Inc. Supports Higher Education

Prime Candidate, Inc. supports all our schools, colleges and universities offering game industry programs. Please see information related to a new school, The Academy of Interactive Entertainment and their amazing Scholarship Program.
The founders of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment are investing 1 million dollars in the Lafayette, Louisiana and Seattle, Washington campuses in the form of scholarships for incoming students. These scholarships are to allow individuals who would not usually be able to avail themselves of this type of education to have a chance to now turn their passion into a career. Please refer to the Scholarship Program for more information about these outstanding scholarship programs.


Prime Candidate specializes in bringing together premiere talent and top employers in the multimedia and interactive entertainment industries. Our goal is to develop and maintain lasting relationships: Our clients benefit from our complete understanding of their needs and desires, and our candidates benefit from our commitment to enhancing their professional lives. At Prime Candidate, we specialize in providing career opportunities for your long-term goals. We are an Internationally Retained and Contingency Recruiting Firm with offices located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix.
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